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              Jingxian Zhuofan Hydraulic Technology Co., Ltd. has a production workshop of 20000 square meters and is the largest hydraulic hose manufacturer in Jingxian, Hebei Province, China. It can produce 120 meters of ultra long hydraulic hoses. The hydraulic hoses produced by our factory have achieved international advanced levels in terms of pulse performance, aging resistance, and burst pressure.


              Although we are a rising star among rubber and plastic products enterprises, our company has regarded innovation as the driving force for enterprise development since its production in 2021.



              For a long time, the production process of ultra long hydraulic hoses has been in the hands of international monopolies. At the beginning of our company's establishment, we collaborated with Qingdao University of Science and Technology to develop the production process for ultra long hydraulic hoses. The longer the hydraulic hose, the greater the difficulty in the core pulling process. After a year of continuous adjustments to the raw material ratio and core pulling technical parameters by our R&D team, in February 2021, the first 120 meter ultra long hydraulic hose was successfully manufactured, which means that our company has broken the international monopoly and filled the domestic gap.


              Innovation is like a golden key, allowing our company to open the door to the high-end market. At present, our company has established cooperative relationships with well-known domestic enterprises such as Sany Heavy Equipment Group, Shandong Energy Group, Zhengzhou Coal Machinery Group, and National Energy Group.


              Contact Us

              Contact: China Zhuofan Hydraulic Co., Ltd

              Phone: +8613184968882

              Tel: +8613184968882

              E-mail: ZFhydraulic@163.com

              Add: Jing County, Hengshui City, Hebei Province, China