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              The application and standards of hydraulic hose


              Hydraulic hose is mainly used in oil exploitation, it can transport oil, withstand high temperatures, is the most important tool in our country's industry and oil exploitation. 

              The hydraulic hose is mainly composed of the inner rubber layer, the middle rubber layer and the wire layer, and the outermost outer rubber layer. The role of the steel wire layer is to support the skeleton of the entire steel pipe, and the inner rubber layer and the outer rubber layer have a common role, that is, to protect the steel wire layer from corrosion and rust, at the same time, the liquid also needs to be transported through the inner rubber layer. It can withstand high temperatures of 40 degrees to 100 degrees, and is a good tool for oil extraction and transportation. At the same time, it can also transport air, water and so on. For the liquid hose, it has the following characteristics, first, the inner rubber layer and the outer rubber layer of the hydraulic hose are made of rubber, can withstand high temperatures, and is not corroded. Second, the rubber is soft, so the whole hydraulic hose is soft and can be transformed into different shapes according to different channels. Finally, the fatigue resistance of the hydraulic hose is also very strong, and it can be used for a long time without being eliminated.

              There are also different types of hydraulic hoses, and each type has different specifications: generally at home and abroad, the required hose standards are DIN,ISO, and GB/T standards, and I think everyone in life has often seen this type of standard on other tools. There is also a wire braided hydraulic hose standards are: DINEN853,GB/ T3683-2011 and ISO1436, etc., compared with this, there are wire wound hydraulic hoses, it also has DINEN856, ISO3862 and other standards.

              Then let me introduces the role of hydraulic hoses and the precautions when using them: we all know that hydraulic hoses can be used as supports for the petroleum industry, and can also be used in oil exploitation. In addition to these, the hydraulic hose has several functions, it can be used in engineering construction, used to make supports or used to transport the liquid needed for construction. It can also be used in industrial machinery, agricultural machinery and other machinery manufacturing to transport what is needed. Xiaobian also reminds you that if you use a hydraulic hose, it is best to consider its diameter, such as the number of yards, its bearing range, do not let the pipe break due to too much pressure; Also, be careful not to let the hydraulic hose have too many bending places, otherwise it will affect the transmission of the medium, if serious, bad things will happen.

              Oil extraction, construction liquid transportation, the use of hydraulic hoses, we must have a special understanding of the hydraulic hose, know its characteristics, requirements, etc., in order to make it play a greater role. The above is a small series of hydraulic hose introduction, I hope to help you!