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              Structure and characteristics of mining hose


              Overview of mine hose

              There are many kinds of mining hose, which refers to all rubber hoses suitable for coal mine and mining mine mining. Common coal mine hose have hydraulic support hose, mine drainage hose, mine spray hose, mine exhaust hose, coal mine hydraulic hose and other products.

              Mine hose structure

              The structure of inner rubber layer, skeleton reinforced layer and outer rubber layer is three layers. Due to the special environment of coal mine operation, it is generally necessary to support the protective devices such as rubber hose sleeve, sheath and reel.

              Characteristics of mine hose

              According to the specific application type of mining hose, coal mine hose has wear resistance and oil resistance characteristics; For coal mine hydraulic support hose, it is necessary to have high pressure resistance and high pulse resistance characteristics; For different application fields, for extremely cold areas, mining hoses need to have cold resistance and low temperature resistance.

              Implementation standard for mine hose

              Coal mine hose as a special industry pipe, the quality requirements of the product is more strict, with higher product standards, a rubber hose called mining hose, the first to obtain coal safety certification (MT standard certification).

              Mine hose adaptor

              Mine hydraulic hose adaptor hydraulic pipe joint series; Other hoses such as mine exhaust pipes can be adapted to a variety of hose connector series, such as industrial hose connectors, flange connectors and other connector products.