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              Advantages and precautions of using hydraulic hose assembly for shield machines


              Introduction of hydraulic hose for shield machines

              The hydraulic pipeline used in shield machine is composed of three parts: hose assembly, steel pipe assembly and transition joint. This paper only introduces the hydraulic hose assembly commonly used in shield.

              Advantages of using hydraulic hose assembly for shield machines

              1, flexible connection can reduce the vibration and noise of the system;

              2, easy connection, not limited by assembly space;

              3, hose and joint specifications variety, can be selected according to different conditions of use.

              Button-down joint

              All we use on shield machines now are snap-down joints. The buckle joint is permanent, and usually under conditions permitting, the buckle joint should be used as far as possible to achieve the purpose of economic reliability.

              The buckle hose joint usually consists of a sleeve, a joint core, or a joint core + a nut.

              Hose is generally divided into: wire braided hydraulic hose and wire wound hydraulic hose.

              Hose joint and hose clamping form:

              1. Strip and press

              Need a rubber strip a certain length, apply to the GB/T3683-92, GB/T10544-03, DIN20022, SAE100R1A/R2A standard steel wire braided hose, steel wire spiral rubber hose;

              2. Do not strip the outer glue

              Simple processing technology, suitable for fiber braided hose and SAE100RIAT/R2AT and other types of wire braided hose;

              3. Strip the inside and outside glue and press

              It is necessary to strip a certain length of the inner rubber layer and the outer rubber layer, called the internal lock type safety buckle type hose joint, which is suitable for GB/T10544-89 large diameter pipe SAER12,DIN20023-4SH and other ultra-high pressure steel wire winding hose.

              Matters needing attention

              Precautions for the use of hydraulic hose in shield machine:

              1, the bending radius of the hose should not be too small, generally should not be less than the specified value. The connection between the hose assembly and the pipe joint should have a straight part, and the length of this section should not be less than twice the outer diameter of the pipe.

              2. The length of the hose assembly should take into account that after the hose is fed into the pressure oil, the length will shrink and deform, and the general shrinkage amount is 3 ~ 4% of the tube length. Therefore, when the hose assembly is installed, it is not allowed to be in a tight state.

              3, the hose assembly should ensure that no torsion deformation occurs during installation. The joint axis of the hose should be placed in the moving plane as far as possible to avoid damage to the hose when the two ends move together.