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              EN856 4SH high-pressure Hydraulic flexible rubber hose(Price of 25-42Mpa)


              Main Application

              Very high-pressure applications used for petroleum based hydraulic   fluids.

              Applicable Specs

              DIN EN856 4SH /ISO 3862-1 4SH

              Temperature Range

              -40°F — +212°F /-40°C — +100°C

              Construction Detail

              Inner Tube:Oil resistant synthetic rubber 

              Reinforcement: Four high tensile steel spirals 

              Cover: Environment resistant synthetic rubber,MSHAapproval (flame resistance)

              Dimensions and performance parameters


              Price of this type of hose

              This type of hose starts at $1.26 per meter,please contact us for a detailed quotation list!


              Contact Us

              Contact: China Zhuofan Hydraulic Co., Ltd

              Phone: +8613184968882

              Tel: +8613184968882

              E-mail: ZFhydraulic@163.com

              Add: Jing County, Hengshui City, Hebei Province, China