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              SAE 100 R15 Hydraulic flexible rubber hose(Price of 16.5Mpa)


              Main Application

              Designed specifically to handle severe high pressure applications  where pressure or constant hydrostatic loads are present.

              Applicable Specs

              SAE 100 R15 

              Temperature Range

              -40°F — +250°F /-40°C — +121°C

              Construction Detail

              Inner Tube: Oil resistant synthetic rubber 

              Reinforcement: Four or Six spirals of high-tensile steel wire 

              Cover: Environment resistant synthetic rubber

              Dimensions and performance parameters


              Price of this type of hose

              This type of hose starts at $1.3 per meter,please contact us for a detailed quotation list!


              Contact Us

              Contact: China Zhuofan Hydraulic Co., Ltd

              Phone: +8613184968882

              Tel: +8613184968882

              E-mail: ZFhydraulic@163.com

              Add: Jing County, Hengshui City, Hebei Province, China